The story is most complicated and contradictory. The “War On Drugs” has guided major shifts in the prison industrial complex, mental health and substance abuse treatment, the military industrial complex threats; and at times it is saturated by religious dogma and paranoia. Often it is established in a genuine fear mongering tactic state that is so widespread socially that medical marijuana is seen in a negative light. In reality, medical marijuana has hundreds of positive cures that we know of to date! Research finds that THC and CBD treatments for ailments have lots of emotional and physical positive effects. This dogma has created a war on drugs which is actually a war on sick people. Isn’t it time we the people, call out the broken system? Isn’t it time we accept that the war on drugs has failed. Mostly, but sometimes unintentionally, the result of political strategies that we have today have VERY little to do with its expressed goal of, “fighting drugs”. 

Medical Marijuana prescriptions can be 100% helpful in all aspects of life from pain management, depression, PTSD, sleep issues, eating disorders, seizure disorders,  social anxiety, etc. However with all things in life, Moderation Management may help those people who find medical marijuana helpful but can also be abusing its intention. No you can't die from smoking or eating too much cannabis, but it can turn into something that can hold some people back from being functioning in life.