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Moderation Management is the first nationwide non-profit that offers a program that is not abstinence based. We opened our national office in September, 2000. Moderation Management is an important resource for both individuals and institutions. We offer help to problem drinkers, their families, employers, therapist, physicians, pastors, and attorneys. 
Moderation Management still receives the majority of our financial support from small donations by participants in our program. Our other funding sources include support from our Board of Directors, revenue from sponsored sale items, and periodic institutional grants. Our financial situation is a limiting factor in the services we can offer, and the impact our program can have on wider society. Any organization or individual interested in supporting Moderation Management can send a tax-deductible donation to the address below. A donation can be make with a credit card using PayPal, our preferred payment partner. 

Who Manages MM?

The fuel that drives any organization is its people. For Moderation Management, that includes its membership, their families, their employers, their clinicians, and anyone else who cares that a reasonable option is offered for people with drinking problems. 

Many people who seek help with problem drinking are unable to find suitable help. The overwhelmingly dominant solution offered to people with drinking problems is usually rejected by the individual because of its unbending requirement of immediate and life long abstinence, its insistence on individual powerlessness, and its religiosity. People who refuse this option

either solve their problem on their own, or continue to drink problematically until their behavior warrants familial, medical, or legal intervention. 
Moderation Management offers a less radical option for the problem drinker. While employing exhaustive research to establish healthy guidelines for moderate drinking, it allows the individual to determine his or her goals in a non-judgmental and supportive environment. 

The Administration of Moderation Management consists of experienced members who arrived as program participants. All of us are personally acquainted with the depth of the challenge posed by alcohol. We staff the National Office with members of Moderation Management to accomplish the following: 
  • Provide support for new individuals coming to us for help with issues related to alcohol
  • Maintain current internet services while evaluating new technology as therapeutic tools
  • Accumulate the resources that will help people facilitate live MM meetings.
  • Develop and maintain effective means of disseminating this information including Internet Web sites, downloads, and printed matter available via mail.
  • Inform all professionals, to whom problem drinkers come for help, about the existence of Moderation Management. This group includes, but is not limited to, physicians, therapists, Human Resource directors, pastors, and attorneys.
  • Encourage and support those developing live MM meetings with factual information and experiences from successful MM meetings.
  • Publicize the existence of these meetings so those seeking help know where to go.
  • Create a Media Unit liaison to interact with the press and secure Public Service Announcements
  • Provide emotional support for all members of Moderation Management with email, chat, telepresence, and live visits when possible.

   The Moderation Management Network, Inc is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.

The Moderation Management Network, Inc is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.