What tools & Technologies Can I use to Moderate my Habits?

Moderate Your Drinking Discreetly & Conveniently with Soberlink

What is Soberlink?

Today’s mobile world requires mobile solutions. Soberlink’s portable breathalyzer offers a modern approach to alcohol monitoring. No more embarrassing visits to the lab. Soberlink is the leader in mobile breath alcohol monitoring with a proven track record in family law, workplace, and recovery management monitoring.

Soberlink Advantages:

  • User-friendly, discreet alcohol monitoring device, intuitive technology
  • Accurate Professional Grade fuel cell sensor
  • Real-time test results and alerts

How Does it Work?

The portable alcohol breathalyzer Device uses a globally trusted fuel cell sensor to collect a breath sample to measure Breath Alcohol Concentration (BAC), while simultaneously taking a photo of the individual to confirm their identity. The breathalyzer wirelessly transmits the test results to the cloud-based Sober Sky, where instant alerts can be set up to notify contacts if scheduled tests are missed and if there are positive results.